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Poker Pro Elite Package goes WSOP: Elevate Your Presence this Summer

As the pinnacle of the poker calendar approaches quickly with the WSOP in Las Vegas, it's time to ensure your personal brand shines as brightly as your poker skills this summer. Which is why my Poker Pro Elite Package goes WSOP. Meaning a tailored content and social media package helping you utilise your social channels to their full potential:


Package Highlights:

  1. Brand & Social Media Audit:

  • Detailed analysis of your current brand presence and social media strategy tailored specifically for the WSOP.

  • Comprehensive review to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

  1. Brand & Social Media Strategy Session:

  • Collaborative session to develop a bespoke strategy aimed at maximizing your exposure and impact during the WSOP.

  • Tailored recommendations to elevate your personal brand, engage your audience, and stand out in the competitive poker landscape.

  1. Custom Content Creation & Graphics Package:

  • Graphics and templates for social media posts, capturing the excitement and essence of your WSOP journey.

  • Content ideas and themes crafted to resonate with your audience, showcasing your personality, achievements, and aspirations at the WSOP.

  1. WSOP Networking Assistance:

  • Strategic guidance on connecting with key influencers, fellow players, and industry insiders at the WSOP.

  • Personalized tips and techniques to maximize networking opportunities and forge valuable relationships for future collaborations and opportunities.

  1. Media Training & PR Support:

  • Tailored media coaching sessions to equip you with the skills and confidence to excel in interviews, podcasts, and media appearances during the WSOP.

  1. WSOP Success Monitoring & Support:

  • Ongoing monitoring of your progress and performance at the WSOP, with regular feedback and recommendations to optimize your personal brand strategy.

  • Priority email and phone support throughout the WSOP duration, ensuring you have the guidance and assistance you need to succeed.


Investment: $999 (Customizable based on additional services)


Don't just play at the WSOP—dominate the spotlight with this package. Elevate your brand, expand your network, and make your mark on the world's biggest stage of poker.

Limited availability.

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