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Moin Hamburg!

I am getting super excited to be here as part of my consulting role with PokerStars, gearing up for the Eureka Hamburg at Casino Schenefeld.

After four years on the PokerStars EPT circuit in locations like Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Prague, and the Bahamas, I’m thrilled to dive into event management starting with this beautiful German city. Previously, my role focused more on managing team pros rather than event specifics, which meant I usually handled broader inquiries and not much specifics around the event, location or venue. Now, I’m deep in the details – and loving every minute!

Why Hamburg? Knowing that the best preparation is rooted in firsthand experience, I asked PokerStars for a swift 48-hour trip to immerse myself in the venue, its surroundings and to meet the team onsite. While Hamburg has been on my travel bucket list for a while, unfortunately there was always another trip that took priority. So when I found out that Hamburg, or more accurately Schenefeld would be the host city for the first event I am working on, I knew that a short trip would help me a lot to familiarise myself with the surroundings and be the best point of contact for the players arriving on 1st July. 

Today was all about connecting in person with the wonderful staff at Casino Schenefeld, enhancing our collaboration beyond just emails. Walking through the venue, discussing past challenges, and exploring the local area has already sparked countless ideas to elevate our event.

Tomorrow promises to be just as productive. I plan to explore the accessibility of local amenities and public transport options to ensure our players have a seamless experience not just at the tables, but in all aspects of their visit. I will also visit activities I have short-listed before my arrival. Everyone who has attended a PokerStars event before knows, it is not only about the action on the poker table but about the whole experience onsite so we want to ensure to incorporate some local and authentic fun to the schedule. 

I’m confident that these efforts to personalize and polish every detail will make a significant impact on their experience. 

Looking forward to 1st July, when we welcome players to Eureka Hamburg.Stay tuned for more updates!

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