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Choose your pricing plan

Tailored solutions to fit your budget & needs

  • Social Poker Player

    Every month
    • Social Media Presence: Basic assessment and optimization
    • Content Ideas: Monthly suggestions for two poker posts
    • Consultation: One 30-minute consultation per month
  • Poker Pro Builder

    Every month
    • Social Media Presence: In-depth analysis and optimization
    • Content Plan: A tailored monthly content calendar
    • Media Coaching: One-hour coaching session per month
    • Brand Strategy: Basic guidance on building a personal brand
    • Access: Priority email support for questions/feedback
  • Poker Pro Elite

    Every month
    • Social Media Presence: Comprehensive analysis & optimization
    • Content Plan: A detailed content calendar with strategy
    • Media Coaching: Two one-hour coaching sessions per month
    • Brand Strategy: In-depth brand dev & strategy session
    • Networking: Assistance with connecting to key influencers
    • Public Relations: Help with press releases, media interviews
    • Access: Priority email and phone support

For Corporate Clients

At A-Game Agency, I specialize in Poker Marketing Consultancy, with a strong focus on marketing, sponsorship, and live events within the poker industry. Recognizing the uniqueness of each poker-related business, I believe in tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. I encourage you to get in touch for a personalized consultation. Through this conversation, we can collaboratively develop a comprehensive plan and determine a pricing structure that perfectly suits your individual requirements. Your success in the poker world is my top priority, and I eagerly anticipate working with you to achieve your objectives.

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