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About me.


My name is Melanie Moser, and I have been working in the poker industry since 2011. My journey started in Vienna, where I worked in casino guest relations and on the cash floor. This experience gave me valuable insights into the inner workings of casinos and the world of poker. Soon after, I moved to London to take on the role of a poker live event manager and a digital marketing manager. This position helped me develop my skills in managing events and digital marketing strategies.

However, it was when I discovered my true passion for sponsorship that I found my niche within the industry. Over the years, I have worked with some of the biggest names in the poker, sports, and entertainment industries, and have focused on identifying sponsorship opportunities and raising player profiles ever since.


As a freelance consultant, my specialization lies in the poker industry, where I offer a range of professional services. These services include enhancing the profiles of poker players, identifying and nurturing fresh talent for poker companies, and developing effective promotional campaigns that are both innovative and results-driven.

Beyond traditional consulting, I also excel in organizing and managing live poker events, ensuring that participants and spectators have a memorable and engaging experience.

In the realm of talent scouting, my expertise extends to not only identifying promising talent but also guiding their growth and connecting them with suitable opportunities within the poker world. Additionally, I have a track record of crafting tailored sponsorship strategies that align players with companies in mutually beneficial partnerships.

Throughout my work, my primary objective is to consistently exceed client expectations and foster long-term relationships built on trust and professionalism within the poker industry.

If you are looking for a consultant who understands the poker industry inside out and can help you achieve your goals,

look no further!

Eric Hollreiser,

Founder, ACE Hollreiser

"Mel is smart, hard-working and a strong project manager. She delivers on-time, on-budget and to superior standard, using her organisational skills to ensure projects are well structured, managed and executed."

Scott Goodall, 

Commercial Direction,PokerStars

"Mel has a great attitude towards the players/ customers. She is someone you just want on your side, any task, any request she handles like it is the most important thing on her to do list."

Brad Willis, 

Editor in Chief,

"Melanie is one of the most mature, hard-working, creative people I've met. She has the organizational skills of an engineer and an artist's ability to see an idea from concept to full execution."

For full and further references feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile or contact me directly.


+43 660 850 855 1



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