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What's the craic, at the Irish Poker Open

Updated: Apr 2

Reflecting on my recent trip to the Irish Poker Open, I can't help but smile at the whirlwind of experiences that unfolded at the Royal Dublin Society. From the get-go on Thursday afternoon, diving into the Ladies Tournament felt like stepping into a lively home game. The crowd had doubled from last year, and the vibe was all about fun and making new friends. I made it a point to chat up everyone at my table. Little did I know those conversations would blossom into lasting connections throughout the week. Sure, I didn't rake in any winnings, but the friendships I made were worth more than any prize money.

The Royal Dublin Society's setup was a breath of fresh air – spacious and welcoming. And let's not forget the highlight: Craic's Den. Yes you read that right. As in "what's the craic?" - "What is happening?" Picture this: multiple screens, games, and even a little stage for karaoke and impromptu dance offs. It was the perfect spot to unwind after a day of meetings or during tournament breaks. You would always bump into familiar faces. And yes, I did spend all of Thursday night playing backgammon in the middle of a buzzing party. How times have changed :)

What makes the Irish Poker Open so special is its ability to draw people from all over the world. Despite the modest entry fee, folks from Canada to America were there, lured by the promise of good times and great company. I spend my days chatting with multiple players who all said the same thing: the either attended before and had to come back or they heard so many good things about the event from their friends that they had to make sure to attend this one.

A big shoutout to the whole team behind the scenes – the Ir

ish Open, PokerStars, and PaddyPower UK Retail. They made sure the event ran like clockwork, keeping us entertained every step of the way.

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