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My open love letter to poker

Birthday weeks are always a time to reflect for me. So as I’m turning 33 in 2 days - here a little open love letter to poker 🤍. 

Dear Poker,

Where do I even begin? It's been 12 years—12 incredible, unpredictable, game-changing years. We've been through it all, haven't we? From the bright lights of big events around the world to the behind-the-scenes hustle of marketing and making things happen, you've dealt me a hand that I could never have imagined for myself.

You introduced me to a world filled with extraordinary people, lifelong friends, and opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. Every mistake at and off the table became a lesson learned, and every success made me hungry for the next challenge.

Together, we've broken barriers and pushed boundaries. I've stood up for women in the poker world and for myself, advocating for us to be seen as the skilled and fierce competitors we are in this male dominated industry. With each campaign, each event, each moment of standing my ground, I found a stronger version of myself. You've taken me around the globe, turning a game into the biggest adventure of my life. 

Rediscovering my passion for you again and again has been the real jackpot. The thrill of the next project, the strategy, the unpredictability—it still excites me just as much as it did on day one.

So, here's to you, Poker, for being not just a game, but a pivotal part of my life's journey. For all the bluffs and the calls, the wins and the tough losses, I love every moment with you. Let's see where this next hand takes us—I'm all in.

With all my heart (and a cheeky raise),


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