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Embracing Experience in Poker Sponsorship

Why I absolutely love to see how PokerStars is embracing experience in poker sponsorship:

After reading the announcement of Barny Boatman joining the ranks of PokerStars Team Pro, I couldn't help but feel excited by the shift it represents in the poker landscape.

In an industry often spotlighting young talent and emerging stars, Boatman's inclusion brings a refreshing perspective, highlighting the significance of diversity, particularly in terms of experience.

Yesterday's article from PokerStars illustrates Boatman's amazing journey from his early days with Hendon Mob to his recent historic triumph at the European Poker Tour (EPT) Paris Main Event a few weeks back. Also great turnaround in getting that deal signed and announced - I know from experience that those things can take tiiiiiiime 😉At 68, he made history as the oldest EPT champion, a testament to his enduring skill and unwavering dedication to the game.

What resonated most with me is Boatman's remarkable ability to bridge generational gaps within poker. While many ambassadors today are upcoming talents and content creators, Boatman offers a different yet equally valuable viewpoint. With decades of experience and surely books full of anecdotes to share, he brings a wealth of wisdom and insight to the table.

I wholeheartedly agree that age is just a number. Boatman's addition to the PokerStars team signifies a broader trend toward acknowledging the contributions of seasoned veterans in the industry—a trend that I find both encouraging and necessary.

As someone who values diversity and inclusivity, I am eager to witness more ambassadors like Boatman in the future. By embracing a diverse perspectives, we can foster a more dynamic and inclusive poker community that celebrates the diverse talents and experiences within it.

With the Irish Poker Open coming up soon I hope to bump into Boatman and congratulate him on his recent achievements.

Here's to celebrating Barny Boatman's ambassadorship and to a future where experience and expertise are valued as highly as youth and innovation.

Read the full article here:

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